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Teens Channel 17 will produce our 1st live TV Show "Teens View" at our Television Studios Atlanta GA.

The World's 1st "MOBILE IP(HD)TV" Teens Television Station in your Living Room, Personal Computers, Smart Phones and Tablets.Access us anywhere and everywhere you choose to experience Teens TV.

"Teens Channel 17".Teens targeted streaming broadcast channel that provides teens,fully programmed viewing content for ages 12-25. CH17 Airs Live Events Broadcasts of Red Carpet, Teens News, Reality Shows and Indie Movies! "The Teens View" !

Teens Channel 17 is seeking english speaking content for programming. Material must be G/PG rated Comedy, Reality, Talk Shows, Special Events Coverage, High School Sports. We are a Worldwide Streaming Broadcast Streaming Channel. 1-404-333-8770.

We are proud of our years to success at "Www.TeensChannel17.TV"

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